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. >>> president barack obama gets back on the campaign trail today as allison burns reports, he is making up for lot of time and going to critical swing states with just five days until election day. >> reporter: the president is expected to come out swinging today, wisconsin and nevada, as president barack obama dealt with the federal hurricane response, mitt romney softened his speech avoided direct attempts but they are targeting ohio for criticizing president barack obama for the auto bailout. >> reporter: the head of chrysler issued a statement saying it's not shifting jobs to china and the president's team has been out in force refuting the ad. >> in the last few hours with this campaign they have become truly desperate. >>> he is standing by the ad in virginia. reporting live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well several people have already voted and you are looking at video for early voters in maryland. some of the states are already releasing those who are voting and 2. 7 million people have already voted 2. 73 for the democrat and 41% for republicans. >>> they are ta
. house speaker john tweeted mayb president obama can do. both capped dates will be cam -- candidates will be campaigning today in the make or break swing state of ohio. reporting live alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a new ktvu field poll shows a dramatic shift in how californians say they will vote on proposition 34. the proposed repeal of the state's death penalty. it shows a sudden rise in support for proposition 34. 45% of likely voters say they will vote yes. 38% say they will vote no. 17% of voters remain undecided on that proposition. now prop 34 would eliminate the death penalty in california and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. supporters of prop 34 says keeping hundreds of inmates on death row costs the state millions of dollars every year. they also point to the cases where people convicted of murder were later found to be innocent. opponents of prop 34 call ate slap in the face to the family of murder victims. >> hey. what are you doing right now? >> i just came from voting. >> coming up at 6:45 how a group of bay area students are tr
in an emergency. >> reporter: president obama has this advice for those live in the storm's path. >> you need to take this very seriously and fellow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to proud provide you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. >> reporter: all right, and back out here live, you can see that choppy surf again and, remember this is just a preview of what is to come. we expect sandy will be making that landfall -- zeroing in on the jersey shore just about 50 miles south of where i am. back to you. >> all right, rene, stay safe out there. steve is keeping an eye on a huge storm swell and he will talk about that in a minute. we'll track the path of sandy throughout the morning. you can also get updates any time, anywhere, on our website, >> all right, pam. the time is 6:40. >>> back here at home, sal will get you where you need to go this morning. >> yeah, the weather is not as severe as -- well, anywhere else in the country but it is a little foggy and will affect your drive to work. w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3